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I Spy

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Survival, Forthcoming


Review essay of "Sharpening Strategic Intelligence: Why the CIA Gets It Wrong and What Needs to Be Done to Get It Right" by Richard L. Russell (Cambridge University Press, 2007); "Spying Blind: The CIA, the FBI, and the Origins of 9/11" by Amy B. Zegart (Princeton University Press, 2007); "Dealing with Dictators: Dilemmas of U.S. Diplomacy and Intelligence Analysis, 1945-1990" edited by Ernest R. May and Philip D. Zelikow (MIT Press, 2006); "The Quest for Absolute Security: The Failed Relations Among U.S. Intelligence Agencies" by Athan Theoharis (Ivan R. Dee, 2007); and "Democratic Control of Intelligence Services: Containing Rogue Elephants" edited by Hans Born and Marina Caparini (Ashgate, 2007).

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May 2008