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In this chapter the author suggests that our understanding of transnational regulation and global governance would be enriched were we to think about corporations not as the 'private' other to the 'public' nation-state, but rather as legal institutions performing public regulatory functions with public welfare effects not unlike nation-states. At the same time, I suggest how a focus on the role of corporate activity and decision-making in global governance can expose new sites for political contestation and new strategies for intervention by regulators, policy-makers and activists seeking to harness and shape corporate power more effectively for the public good.

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corporations, regulation, international governance

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Originally published in Chapter 4, pp. 85-99, International Law and its Others, edited by Anne Orford, copyright © 2006 Cambridge University Press., Cambridge book website:, Hardback ISBN 9780521859493; Paperback ISBN 9780521124461; eBook ISBN 9780511247866