Roger I. Abrams

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This article introduces the reader to the world sport of jai-alai and the adjudication of grievance disputes involving players of the game. After the jai-alai players organized a union in South Florida, an extended strike ensued. After the settlement of the labor dispute, management terminated some of the most senior players, and their union grieved. The author was appointed as the neutral arbitrator to hear and resolve the dispute. The article traces the operation of arbitration process in this unique setting and includes the arbitrator's final-and-binding award in the case.

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Jai alai, Grievance arbitration, Labor disputes, unions, Florida, sports law, arbitrators, Entertainment and Sports Law, Law

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Originally published in Marquette Sports Law Review, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 1-30, Fall 2005. Marquette University Law School retains copyright.