Kara W. Swanson

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The current attention to the "end of men" is occurring as men's role as biological fathers is becoming radically deemphasized through assisted reproductive technologies and alternative family formation. As other historians have noted, since the nineteenth century, there have been serial crises of masculinity in the United States, in which the perceived loss of power by white middle-class heterosexual men has been decried. This essay, written for an on-line forum considering Hanna Rosin's The End of Men, analyzes the current crisis in the context of earlier explorations of the biological end of men, from early twentieth century feminist utopian fiction to lesbian dreams of virgin birth in the 1970s.

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End of Men, gender, reproduction, Sexuality and the Law, Women

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Originally published in Boston University Law Review Annex, Vol. 93, pp. 26-36, 2013.