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Most law school courses approach reproductive rights law from a purely domestic perspective, as an extensive survey of casebooks and course material reveals. The authors argue that a transnational perspective can enhance the teaching of sexual and reproductive health in all of the law school courses and doctrinal settings in which this topic in treated. While the topic of "Global Sexual and Reproductive Rights" can be presented in a free-standing course, transnational perspectives should also be integrated across the curriculum where sexual and reproductive rights are discussed. Expanding reproductive rights pedagogy to address transnational perspectives will aid in exposing a wide range of students to transnational material, will expand students' preparedness to analyze such materials, and will better reflect the debates on sexual and reproductive health currently taking place outside of law school classrooms. Drawing on a range of foreign and international material, the authors provide specific suggestions for integrating such material into courses on Constitutional Law, Family Law and Bioethics.

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legal education, Legal Education

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Originally published in Journal of Legal Education, Vol. 59, No. 1, pp. 35-59, August 2009.