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The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law, p. 529, Michel Rosenfeld and Andras Sajo, eds., Oxford Handbooks, July 2012


This chapter provides a comparative perspective on the legal and policy issues surrounding the democratic process, particularly the issues that have come before courts. Over the last generation, we have witnessed what I have elsewhere called "the constitutionalization of democratic politics." This work surveys the ways different democratic systems and their courts have addressed three dimensions of structuring democracy and elections: (1) participation issues, including voter identification laws; citizenship and residency; felon and ex-felon status; mental capacity; and age; (2) political party issues, including the legitimacy of restrictions on certain kinds of parties; and (3) campaign finance issues. The chapter is a contribution to the Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law.

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Comparative Constitutional Law, Democracy, Elections, Voting, Campaign Finance, Political Parties